Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's Daily Art: Man Looking Up

iPhone Painting: Pencil drawing, iPhone photo & Brushes App:
(3) There is more structure involved in these paintings then is looks like to the observer. By having a structure to create and communicate your art is vital. For me, structure starts with a commanding knowledge of all your tools available to you. In this case, tools run the spectrum of canvas, oil paint and brushes to iPhone apps, blog posts and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For a seed to grow, it takes rich moist soil that enables your art to grow. The tools involved in your trade is the soil that enables your art to grow. The tools are changing as technology goes through its global shifts. For an artist to not understand and embrace these global shifts will alienate their art and would be the equivalent to planting a seed in sand and expecting the result to be a healthy plant. Watch this YouTube video to get an idea of what is happening to our world and realize that all industries will be affected by this dramatic shift: Shift Happens Video:
See it... Draw it...Post it... I Love it!!!
Draw every day!

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