Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's Daily Art: Light in Forest

iPhone Painting: Brushes App: (4) This is fun taking the business development knowledge that I have accumulated for the past 10 plus years and apply this to the business of being an artist. I will go into the details of the next layer in the pyramid after our discussion of structure from the last 3 posts. Systems is the fundamental application of the accumulative knowledge derived from your mastering the structure of tools. The word system lends itself to a process that you have developed to apply your tools. As an example, understanding the color wheel is one thing but having a system at which you apply the colors to your canvas is critical to develop your art. Your understanding of the social networking sites is one thing but having a system at which you apply communicating your message will expidentialy expand your audience. A system is your development and application of your tools. Remember that your tools run the spectrum from clay and water to global social technology. Get your hands dirty!
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