Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Daily Art: Forest with Water

iPhone Painting: Pencil drawing, iPhone painting, brushes app: (4) The topic is still system because this is what keeps you on track. Following a system to create and communicate your art does not need to be complicated. I create daily, weekly and monthly checklists of things I need and want to do. I have a family, a full time job and need my time to be a targeted focus to get the best results. If all I was able to do was create art, it would not accomplish my goal of selling art. Make sure your checklist hits on all key points; creation, communication, sales and distribution. Do a little bit each day for each key point. track it with a checklist and you have a system. A study of successful people uncovered that they each had a simple system but what separated them from others is their consistency to follow their routine each day.
See It, Draw It, Post It, I Love It!
Draw everyday!!!

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