Monday, November 23, 2009

Today's Daily Art: Man Looking at You

iPhone Painting: Pencil drawing, iPhone photo, Brushes app: (4) More on the system before I move to the top of the pyramid which is culture. I have recently joined a Twitter group that is doing daily drawing for 365 days. If you are a Tweeter, the group is #draw365. The thing I realized is that I have had a system for creating my art for many years. I always start my concept with a pencil drawing to capture a loose free-flowing image. I always draw the color wheel next to the drawing and start planning the payers of color. I have never shared these drawing before I joined #draw365 and now post the drawings as a tweet post.
The beauty of having a system is that it translates to all mediums. This is how I approach my oil paintings and this is also how I approach my iPhone paintings. Having a system allows you to be creative in the act of painting vs always figuring out what comes next and when the work is done. If you have ever watched the movie Amadeus, Mozart was asked if the commissioned piece was done and he replied, "oh yes it is". Let me see it was the reply. Mozart then with a giggle stated that it is still in his head and the rest is just bibbling and babbling and babbling and bibbling. The act of art is trying to capture the power of the act of painting. Having a system allows you to fully engage in the experience. At the end of the experience. you sit back, take a look and say WOW!
See It, Draw It, Post It, I Love It
Draw everyday!!!

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