Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today's Daily Art - Sitting Man

iPhone Painting: Sketch on paper, iPhone photo and brushes app: There have been discussions about making money with your art on blogs and facebook lately. I think a concentration on the money side can be a distraction from your art if not done right. Example: If you want to paint and sculpt well, you must have a firm command of drawing. It would be like a professional football player, going out and playing football only on game day, it would not work. He must run daily drills to perfect his sport. My daily drills are these daily drawings, what is yours? When I do sit in front of a canvas to bring it all together, I am in shape and know exactly what to do. By distributing these drawings to as many people as I can, I am building awareness to what I am doing so people care to see the result of the painting or sculpture… See it…Draw it…Post it… I love it!!!

Please send this blog to anyone who would like to perfect their art… no matter what it is.

See it…Draw it…Post it… I love it!!!

Draw every day!

Enjoy and please contact me for the following:

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