Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today's Daily Art - Man in White

iPhone painting: I missed yesterday’s daily drawing, my 9 year old daughter is recovering from surgery and she came down with the flu but much better today. I guess I am on a stretch of figure drawings these days but if anyone has a request, let me know. Something you would like to see more of and let me know if you like the direction I am going with these. Again, this is done by drawing on a sketch pad, take a picture with iPhone and complete the painting using the iPone brushes app.

If you like these drawings, look-up Egon Schiele; Again the purpose of this blog is to encourage each of you to practice YOUR art everyday. Reply to this post with who inspires you, an artist, a writer, a director and include what you are doing or want to do everyday to practice your art. Better yourself everyday and you better the world!

See it…Draw it…Post it… I love it!!!

Draw every day!

Enjoy and please contact me for the following:

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