Monday, October 12, 2009

Today's Daily Art - Pink Man

iPhone Painting: pencil drawing, iPhone photo and brushes app: When I draw, I always try to observe and not think. Clever ideas can get in the way of a good drawing and you try to make too much of it, just let it go and become what it is. This is true if you are an accomplished artist or just learning to draw. Because I have studied the human form for so long, I take mental snapshots of people I see and compile them into a drawing of their own. I go for the side of the person that they don’t want others to see or the side that is on display that others turn away from. We all have that side to us, just some people don’t have the ability or don’t care to cover it up. Look at them a little different next time, they are more like you then you think.

See it…Draw it…Post it… I love it!!!

Draw every day!

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