Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Daily Art: Woman With Hair

iPhone Painting: Pencil Drawing, iPhone Painting, Brushes App: (5) Again the topic we are discussing is the top of our pyramid... Culture. Throughout time, culture has limited itself to location with one exception. The culture created by global distribution and education of art. Because visual art is visual, it can be appreciated and understood at a glance. The impressionists were influences by Asian art without a need to learn the language, history or beliefs. Once you become apart of the global understanding of global art, you transcend all boundaries and go right to the hart of the people. The global social mediums available to us today allow us to glance into every corner of the world in seconds. The impact to the art community is yet to be seen... we are on the wave, enjoy the ride!
See It, Draw It, Post It, I Love IT!
Draw everyday!

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  1. I love this pic. She is my favourite one of yours so far. Sometimes I come to your blog just so I can look at her. She shouldn't be beautiful because she is so strange. But somehow she is beautiful, but grotesque somehow. She is still beautiful and has a dreamy quality. She reminds me of a dream- one that is just at the edge of your memory but you can't quite remember because it is fading.