Monday, December 21, 2009

Today's Daily Art: Orange Mist

iPhone Painting: Pencil drawing, iPhone photo, Brushes app:
I have been posting my drawings to a twitter group called #draw365. They are attempting to do a drawing everyday for 365 days. Sitting with a pencil and paper is the most basic function of an artist. They plan, sketch, dream, build form, plan color, etc. A drawing or idea then evolves into a painting, sculpture, video, performance or what ever it will be. The original drawing is the core of the thought that must be captured in the final piece. The drawing is the raw inspiration and if your skills as an artist are there, the drawing is the purest form of thought. To deviate to far from that thought would take away the raw connection that was once made. So... how do you do a painting, sculpture, video or performance and keep the original raw intensity? Don't let a good idea get in the way of good art. Good ideas kill art, stick to your original thought on paper, your... drawing!
See it. Draw it, Post it, I Love IT!
Draw everyday!

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