Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today's Daily Art: Man With No Hair

iPhone Painting: Pencil drawing, iPhone photo, Brushes app: (5) I think the best way to find out if you are speaking to a culture, as we have been discussing is to get your work out to as many people as possible and you will see if it speaks to them. Twitter is a great way to distribute your work and track the results. Set your blog up so you see how many people are clicking to your link. Don't expect comments, just monitor the traffic. If you are prolifically producing work and getting it into peoples hands on a regular basis, you will know what is working and what is not based on the flow of traffic. Get them there and keep them coming with consistency. This is the main reason for the daily discipline of drawing everyday. The evolution of your art work will align itself with culture.
See it, Draw it, Post it, I love IT!!!
Draw everyday

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