Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's Daily Art - View on a run

iPhone painting: This is one of my more happy pictures, but I could not help it, it had to be done. Today's daily art was quickly sketched on a small pad of paper I took with me on my run in the foothills of Colorado. When I got back home from my massive (well, massive for me) run and could breath again, I took a picture of the sketch with my iPhone and completed the image using the brushes iPhone app. I like being able to draw and paint anywhere I go, even on a run. The key for me to be able to draw every day is to remove all obstacles and excuses. I carry a small drawing pad that fits in my pocket and a small pencil. Now with the iPhone I can quickly enhance the image by adding a painted layer and post to this blog.

See it…Draw it…Post it… I love it!!!

Draw every day!

Enjoy and please contact me for the following:

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