Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Daily Art - Self Portrait

iPhine painting: When you can’t think of subject matter, just draw yourself, it will always come out different. Today’s drawing was again first sketched on a drawing pad, a photo taken with my iPhone and the Brushes app was used to add shadow and depth. I think the hardest thing is to take a strong drawing and add color and/or shading without losing the power of the sketch but instead add to it’s drama. If you are looking at this blog today, get your sketch pad out and aggressively draw yourself by holding a handheld mirror at an odd angle. This will get you to see yourself for the first time and allow you to draw as you are vs. what you think you are. Quick sketch, don’t worry about details.

See it…Draw it…Post it… I love it!!!

Draw every day!

Enjoy and please contact me for the following:

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